Manufacturing and Supply Chain

At TYGES, we build the teams and find the executive leadership that define the industry standard for excellence. The candidates we locate, assess and place help our client companies and their cultures grow to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market. As the manufacturing industry evolves, and supply chains become more driven by technology, we will provide the experience, network and data driven process to position our clients as today and tomorrow's industry leaders.

Industrial Process

Industrial Process Equipment

We provide automation and industrial technology talent to increase the efficiency and boost the production power of any company. Our recruitment specialists possess the electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and technical industry knowledge to find and place candidates in any specialized role.

Test and Measurement Industry

Test and Measurement

We deliver the test and measurement industry the intellectual capital they need, from executive level to individual contributors, ensuring production quality and absolute customer satisfaction. As the consumption of conductor and semiconductor-driven devices increase, so will our commitment to provide the talent and executive leadership to keep our clients competitive.

Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

The usage of connectivity software and hardware such as PLCs, I/O Modules and gateways is fast being adopted by nearly every industry, exponentially increasing the remote production possibilities in multiple spaces. Having the workforce and executives capable of fully utilizing this tech and the data it produces will make all the difference in attaining key growth.

Construction Building Materials

Building Materials

Our recruitment professionals possess the manufacturing and construction expertise to find those committed and driven experts who can fully harness the IoT to source, transport and manage materials and inventories to ensure the demands of production are met.