Working With TYGES

TYGES is a partner and advisor to our client base. From our first conversation, we will stand out from the pack and we are confident that working with TYGES will be an exceptional experience. Find out for yourself why over 75% of our clients are repeat customers.


You know your business, unlike anyone else. Our goal is to allow you to focus on running it and as your quarterback, take care of those things in the hiring process for you.

To get started, we will:

  • Interview the hiring manager and human resources for the vital and cultural information on the position, the area, and the company
  • Assess the opportunity and advise you on salary and the attractiveness of the position
  • Co-create a project plan with you to establish agreeable expectations and timelines
  • Assess our capacity and fit with our team
  • Deliver a Service Agreement with fees and timelines for your approval

TYGES understands your needs and then professionally engages our team into action. We will:

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan for this opportunity
  • Interview, qualify and gain commitments from individuals
  • Present top individuals to the client for feedback and discussion
  • Arrange/coordinate all interviews
  • Coach and debrief individuals
  • Offer consultation on offer terms
  • Present offer to individual
  • Facilitate the resignation process
  • Confirm commencement of employment

TYGES' primary concern is the long-term relationships with our customers. We will:

  • Follow up with you, our client, and your new team member after the commencement of employment and throughout their career
  • Continue to provide industry insight and resources to you
  • Keep in touch with you and your team, knowing we will be ready for your subsequent talent acquisition needs

We welcome the opportunity to explore a partnership between you, your company, and TYGES.