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BBQ for a Cause July 4, 2019

This past Sunday (June 30, 2019), the Rotary Club of The Historic Triangle out of Williamsburg VA put on its 2nd Annual Williamsburg Pro-AM BBQ Cook-off. TYGES was a primary sponsor again this year and represented well with participation as three of the judges – Peggy Arvidson, Jon Gentry, and Maria Cleator.  They ate their way through lots of delicious barbecue and their supporting side dishes.  It was quite an event.  While it was loads of fun and brought out a lot of people on a warm day, the most important thing it does is allows the rotary to continue to do the good works they do in their respective communities. 

We’re here to make good things happen
for other people” 

TYGES Mission Statement

The primary recipient of the proceeds from this year’s event is something near and dear to our hearts at TYGES – 3eRestoration of which I’ve been a board member since it’s inception over five years ago.  We at TYGES support 3e by donating a portion of every placement completed and this barbecue is another way we can demonstrate our mission statement – “We’re here to make good things happen for other people.”

Tim Saumier

Written by: TIM SAUMIER, President and Founder

Tim Saumier started his recruiting career when he opened TYGES International back in July 2002 after purchasing a franchise from MRINetwork. He has grown the business from start-up office in 2002 to where it is today helping clients around the world solve their talent acquisition problems. While he does place people with companies, he brings much more through his consultative coaching with both companies and individuals hence the reason he has built long-lasting relationships that continue to work with TYGES.

Prior to starting TYGES, Tim spent thirteen years in corporate America with companies like John Deere, Moen, and Philips where he had the opportunity to work in supply chain, operations, and engineering during his career.

We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Giving back to our local communities is at the core of why we do what we do.

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